First, Justin and Bryan were right on time and prepared to workSecond, I gave a quick tour of the vents and location of the furnaceand Justin explained what work would be performed and the approximate time needed.Third, perhaps the most important point, Justin and Bryan had a professional air and a quick understanding of what was needed. The bestway to say it is, they both had a good vibe. I had an appointment and left Justin and Bryan to do their work. When I returned, both men were in the final phase of clean up. I could immediately smell the difference in the air.It smelled clean and fresh and that alone is worth the cost of this service. Also, before and after photos were provided on the spot and when you see what you have been breathing, you will be glad to make the call to Steve and his associates at Monster Vac.I would recommend this company to anyone who wants a good value for their dollar. They are local, reliable and most of all professional.Regards, John
John Ferrari
23:18 23 Oct 20
Austin and Bryan did a very good job. They also did the dryer vent which was really plugged.
Wix Howard
21:45 23 Oct 20
Justin & Brian provided excellent service, provided photos of before and after, and were very clean.
Todd Johnson
21:22 23 Oct 20
Justin & Bryan were very professional. They answered all our questions and never stopped working. I would certainly recommend this company and especially Justin and Bryan.
Amber Jimison
16:05 23 Oct 20
Justin and his assistant, Bryan arrived on time at our home yesterday. They wore masks, gloves and foot booties. They were very professional and we were very comfortable around them the entire visit. The ducts and dryer vent are now clean and we are very happy with their work performance.
Bruce Adams
13:15 22 Oct 20
Justin and Brian are excellent! Wow. Such nice guys, professional, timely. They did a terrific job. Listened to my concerns. Explained how the process works and what to expect. They spent a long time here in my home to protect my hardwood floors from scraping and to make sure they got everything out of the ducts. I have an accessory on my furnace, they even cleaned those pipes. I’m so excited to wake up feeling fantastic.As a chronic illness patient, who suffers from environmental toxins and mold, I’m extra sensitive. Monster Vac’s entire team pulled out the red carpet for me to make getting my home done a priority so I could start feeling better fast!By utilizing their truck as the main vacuum source, the suction was extra powerful and none of the exhaust got recirculated inside my home which can happen with portable units. Their whole team actually recognized my illness concerns and treated me as a special priority. If you’re a chronic illness patient, you know how rare that is. Doctors don’t even always take me seriously. These guys are absolutely fantastic. Totally worth the higher price compared to discount companies. You get what you pay for and here the level of clean and service is priceless. I am confident my house will stop being the source of my illness.I’ll also say, my home is only 6 years old. And it looks really pretty. They pulled out so much gunk. Thank goodness I decided to do this. Even though on the surface you’d never know I needed to.I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow feeling amazing. Thanks guys!!
Kellie Koedel
23:18 21 Oct 20
Jose and Gannon did a great job with a very professional approach. They arrived on time and protected my floors while routing the 12" vacuum hose and thoroughly cleaned my system. I was very pleased with the end result.
Mathew Melonakis
14:35 21 Oct 20
Justin and Bryan were great.
Chris Hassett
23:06 20 Oct 20
Favian and Ron arrived on time and were extremely professional. I LOVED that they were very careful about cleanliness in the area in which they were working. Cordial, polite, knowledgeable, timely, helpful, informative. Favian and Ron are just exemplary representatives of Monster Vac. Well done!! We will most definitely use you in the future and recommend you to all of our friends and associates!
Sharon Ludwig
18:20 20 Oct 20
Favian and Tylor were professional and efficient.
19:03 19 Oct 20