Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning for Your Colorado Home


How Safe is Your Colorado Home? Can Cleaning My Dryer Vents Help?

Home Dryer Vent Cleaning ColoradoYou keep your home safe in a lot of ways. You install high-tech security systems to ward off the threat of intruders. You invest in air filters and air duct cleaning services to protect you and your family from harmful airborne germs. You even purchase expensive bug sprays to keep your home bug- and critter-free.

But how are you protecting your home from the threat of fire?

Sure, you’ve already installed smoke detectors in the house, but those only warn you after a dangerous fire has already begun to spark. Why not prevent the house fire altogether?

At Monster Vac, we’re committed to keeping homes everywhere safe from the threat of fire — one dryer vent at a time. We’ll help you protect your home from the threat of dryer fires with our professional dryer vent cleaning services. Our experts will remove hazardous lint build up from those hard-to-reach areas, and they’ll even give you the tools and the knowledge to help you better protect your home from dryer fires.

Over 2,900 Dryer Fires are Reported Every Year

Of those 2,900 cases, there are an average of 100 injuries, five deaths, and over $35 million worth of property damage.

Your family home doesn’t have to be included in those statistics next year.   

Too few people realize that lint build-up doesn’t just occur in your dryer’s lint tray. Some of the most flammable sources of lint appear right in your dryer vent, making that little vent one of the most hazardous hidden dangers in your home. But when you choose Monster Vac’s residential dryer vent cleaning services, you’ll be keeping that hard-to-reach dryer vent lint- and hazard-free.

Less Lint Means More Money in Your Pocket

Keeping a lint-free dryer vent can save lives. And it can also save you money.

Not only will you not have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on post-dryer-fire home repairs, but you’ll also wind up with cheaper energy bills. The more lint in your dryer vent, the more energy and money you’ll wind up wasting.

Excess lint can also cause your dryer vent to resist the flow of exhaust, causing the dryer to get hotter than it is supposed to. This places unnecessary stress on your dryer, and if left untreated, the lifespan of your dryer will decrease while the cost of repairs will increase. Fortunately, our Monster Vac experts can save you from expensive costs, repairs, and appliance replacements. Our residential dryer vent cleaning services help you protect your home and your budget.

Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning ColoradoKeep Your Colorado Family Safe from Hidden Dangers with Monster Vac Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning  

When it comes to the safety of you and your family, never settle for anything less than the best preventative measures. At Monster Vac, we’re all about stopping hazards before they become serious problems. That’s why our experts are committed to the safety of all Colorado homes.

Don’t become another dryer-fire statistic. Give us a call today, and guarantee your safety tomorrow.     

Customer service was excellent. The scheduler was able to insert our appointment in to a slot two weeks early. Techs Josh and Justin were timely and took the time to explain there process to my wife. Work was completed in a timely fashion. Thanks to Monster Vac ,
Marshall Clardy
14:56 20 Sep 20
Justin S and Josh were on time and very professional. They were thorough and efficient, taking time to listen to any of our concerns. They cleaned up great, with us hardly knowing they were here. Definitely recommend! Looking forward to cleaner and more efficient airflow through our house now.
Andrea Miedema
19:46 18 Sep 20
I had my ducts cleaned by Tim and Harley they did a great job, very professional and super friendly. They worked all day cleaning and when they were done they showed us pics of before and after very happy with the job.
Alan Sentel
21:08 17 Sep 20
Jose and Josh were great! They were prompt, polite, did a great job of explaining the process, kept the house clean and showed me before and after photos. I recommend Monster Vac!
Debbie Gardner
17:28 15 Sep 20
Justin S. & Eric were great! Super professional, on time and got the job done in a timely manner. They cleaned up once they were done and talked me through everything they did. I would highly recommend Monster Vac!
N. Connelly
23:25 11 Sep 20
Used Monster Vac for the first time and was very impressed with the service. Noe and Adrian were professional, thorough, and did an excellent job. 5 stars for these two!
Robert Moreno
17:59 11 Sep 20
Tim & Harley did a great job. Very professional in their service. My wife expressed over and over how well they treated her and our house.
Robert Sanford
00:07 11 Sep 20
Noe and Adrian did an amazing job cleaning our vents, returns, ducting, furnace, coils, etc. Although it feels pricey prior to booking an appointment, the team worked hard for 4 hours and the value of the service to our health is well worth it. The negative air pressure approach that draws ALL toxins out of the house is the way to go! They showed me pictures of the vents before and after. This was a new build and there was a lot of construction waste in the ducts and furnace. And they vacuumed up even the smallest things near each register when their work was complete. They were pleasant, courteous, and answered my questions. They respected the COVID needs for masks and distancing which I greatly appreciated. I have great peace of mind going into furnace season with the house more closed up than in summer. Highly recommend!
Anne Marie Pewterbaugh
22:32 10 Sep 20
Justin S and Eric came out and cleaned our ducts and vents. They were very professional and kept me informed of their progress through out. They came on time, were neat and efficient, cleaned thoroughly when they were done and the results based on the before and after pictures are fantastic.
Bob Dilts
21:41 10 Sep 20
We had our air ducts cleaned at our office today. Favian and Ron were amazing. They were very professional and friendly. Would definitely recommend.
Laura Mitzner
20:15 10 Sep 20